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EditHello,Readers.I should probably tell you all a little about me being that this is my first blog post. However, you will come to learn more about me over a period of time. I believe in full transparency, so I will be sure to leave my readers satisfied. I had something on my mind today that I wanted to share….

Today, April 5th, is my grandmother’s birthday. I’m a granny’s girl. Or I was one until my baby came along. So, today I honor her and celebrate her life. I thank God for her 75 years on this Earth.

As I started reflecting over the roles of the women in my family today, it has me in my feelings. I come from a lineage of strong, independent, yet modest women. While today is my grandmother’s birthday, I know her focus is on my ill great-grandmother who is 92 years young. While  I was in prayer today for my family, I began to think about all the reasons why we are blessed. A part of me is sad, sad because people grow old and things change. Yet, in the midst of tears, I find myself laughing-laughing at all the memories and all the fun times I have had with different relatives back in the country,over the years.

What a shame for some people who never get to see or speak with their family. I couldn’t fathom the thought, yet I know it’s real. I know that in a perfect world, everyone would get along and there would be no family feuds, sibling rivalries, cousin spats, or whatever. But this world is far from perfect. It’s actually a cruel little world. However, I learned one important lesson around this time 2 years ago as I lay lifeless on the operating table….and that one thing is this: “Time waits for no one.”

Recently, my husband shared with me a personal moment (that I’m sharing with the world haha). After I gave birth to our daughter, it put me in a bad place. For over a year, I was in a bad place. Up until recently, I never realized that I never asked my husband how he felt or the things that went through his mind. I was so consumed with me me me-I never took the time to realize that my husband suffered too. His reply was, ” during that moment that you went unconscious, I grew up. ”

“I grew up”. Today, those 3 words are playing in my head. I’ve grown up. And growing up isn’t always fun. However, on days like this when I am clearly in my feelings, I remember all the examples of the women who have made me the bold and resilient woman I am today. I’m grateful to be able to witness and be amongst 5 generations. I’m grateful for my great-grandmother who raised my granny to be the woman that Proverbs 31 speaks of, to teach her how to be a wife while taking care of the kids and the home and doing it all with grace. That’s something I struggle with today. I do it, but it isn’t always with grace. I’m grateful for my grandmother who didn’t shun my mother when she became pregnant with me at the young age of 19. She didn’t force marriage, she didn’t kick her out, but she took her and her beautiful little girl (ME) in and raised me like her own. I’m grateful for my aunts who treated me, and still treat me, like their little sister, who care for me and think about me even now at the age of 33. I’m grateful for my mommy for being by my side every step of the way. I will never and can never forget how she never left my side, not even to eat, when I was in the hospital. When I couldn’t pray for myself, she was at my bedside praying over me, when the doctors couldn’t give us an answer, I recall waking up sometimes to her at the foot of my bed anointing my feet. She prayed me through . It’s her example that has made me the woman I am today. It’s their example that is making me the woman I strive to be.

Cherish your loved ones. Cherish the good times. Push through the bad times. Love life.

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10 thoughts on “Life

  1. That was truly beautiful and inspiring. I love the part about being caught in yourself that you forgot to ask your husband how he felt. We can get so bogged down in our issues that we tend to forget about those who went through it with us. I’ve had a few moments like that as well. Although I know part of your story, I love still love to hear it and read because I learn something every time it’s shared.

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    1. This is tewww much! Y’all got me crying now. Thank you Latosha. I promise to be as transparent on this journey as “healing flows” from a place of love and compassion


  2. I am extremely proud of you. The past year I have seen your hard work and long nights of preparation. I will continue to support and make all your dreams come true….

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  3. NO time huh? THIS IS AWESOME!! This is one of your gifts and I’m glad to see you walk it out. My attention span is short and I was excited to read this til the end. AMAZING 5 generations of blessed women!

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