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A Price to Pay

I’m in a waiting season. I’ve been in this season for about 2 years now. For some people, this stagnant period of sitting still is horrendous- the worst thing EVER. Yet, for me,  there’s a sense of Peace and contentment that comes along with it.

I’ve been a Lady in waiting before. I have had to wait on a lot of things in my life. I had to wait almost 2 years to get married because we wanted what we wanted. I had to wait a year once I was ready to become a  mommy. Then, an additional 9 months for the birthing process. Then I had to wait to cut my hair  after I gave birth. I needed to make sure my hair was healthy before it went through another drastic change. And currently, I’m having to wait now for another BIG blessing because God says he’s still working some things out.  So as you can see, I know what is to come during this process. Some things are just worth waiting for!

…But through it all, God is preparing me. He’s moving roadblocks. He’s  making things happen on my account. He’s wiping out debt. He’s building some characteristics and traits that even I didn’t know I possessed, all these things he is doing in this season. What would happen if I rushed God? What would happen if I moved out of turn , just as a child cuts line in class? Well, I would never see the goodness of the Lord. I would miss my chance to see what God could do .  Yes, I could go ahead in my own power and my own strength -but do I dare compare my own power to that of the Great “I am”? Do I dare offend a God of “more than enough”?

So many times we miss the very thing God has for us because we don’t want to pay the price. Just like with any relationship, you can’t constantly take from someone- never expecting to give anything in return. God wants your YES! Yes, I’ll obey you. Yes, I’ll trust you. Yes, I’ll be still. Yes, I’ll spread the gospel. Yes, I’ll share my story…and so forth.

The promises of God have always been and will always be “Ye” and “Amen”. So, I ask you, “What are you asking God for?” And secondly, “what are you willing to do?” Because it’s going to cost you. A lot of the time, it’s not even anything tangible. The cost is always affordable, but is it worth your sacrifice?

My husband and I have been believing God for a new house. We have started looking at homes and getting ideas for how we want our 1st home together to look (and feel) like. We have a home now, but it’s one that my husband had purchased literally the week our before paths crossed. Our  next home will be one thats prepared just for US and our family, regardless of how big or how small it may be.  We’re going to wait! We won’t settle! And you know what? We won’t have to because God loves us that much that all he wants is for us to delight in Him and he’ll just spoil us like only a Father can.

So, my friend, are you willing to pay the price? Are you willing to lean not on your own understanding ? Are you willing to go where Christ calls you to go? Can you endure your waiting season or the tests and trials that come to make you stronger?

I choose to wait because I know I’m worth it! I choose to wait because I believe what God has in store for me is about to BLOW MY MIND. I choose to wait because I place limitations on myself when I move without God. I want all that God has for me, because He can do exceedingly and abundantly above all that I could have ever imagined .

And I choose to believe that I am worth it😉

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