Who’s crying for you?

I am in my early 30s and just recently took to this writing habit….I’ve always loved writing. I have always had a passion for journalism. I love taking pictures ; however, I somehow did not decide to pursue it. I think it’s because I didn’t want the fun to be taken out of it. Writing is my release- it brings me peace and it allows me to express myself when sometimes I don’t have the words to verbally express. I  actually write better than I talk (and I’m a Communication major).  Yet, I didn’t want anyone to take the pleasure I get out of writing and make it an obligation.   How funny that God would lead me back to one of my “loves” 15 + years later.

I’m reminded of a message one of my spiritual fathers shared with me a few years ago about Hagar. In Genesis 21, Hagar and her son Ishmael are left alone in the wilderness, depleted of their “physical” resources and Hagar leaves her baby under a bush as she doesn’t want to watch him “die”. Then , the word says in v 17-18,

“Meanwhile, God heard the boy crying. The angel of God called from Heaven to Hagar, “What’s wrong, Hagar? Don’t be afraid. God has heard the boy and knows the fix he’s in. Up now; go get the boy. Hold him tight. I’m going to make of him a great nation.””

So, the question was asked, “What baby have you left under the bush to die? ” And today, I want to ask you all that. “What baby is crying for you?” What passion have you sat on the bench? What was that thing/ project that you abandoned, left for dead? 

“Go Get Your Baby!”

It’s not too late. You’re not too old. There’s still time. God is a Redeemer of Time. You can get back in the race. 

Let me be the one to encourage you . I stopped writing and journaling for 15 years. Life happened. But life didn’t stop . I made a million excuses as to why I couldn’t blog, yet God had already given me the words to say. I told God I wasn’t a writer, yet I am working on my first book. I told myself that I didn’t have the time, yet he worked out a situation that gives me 2 days a week free to do whatever I need to do. Don’t tell me God can’t work it out! Just like he heard Ishmael’s cries under the bush, he’s listening to your own. And today He is saying , “get your baby. I have plans for you.”

My great-grandmother passed away this week. She was 92. She loved life! She loved life so much- that she wasn’t even ready to leave us. She fought with everything in her to stay, even to her last breath. I have wondered what she was hanging on for. Was there anything in her life unfulfilled? Was she waiting on someone? What was it about the life on this side that kept her from wanting to see the eternal one on the other. We will never know. 

However, as for me, I want to die so “empty” that there won’t be anything left out of me. I want to utilize all the gifts that the Lord has instilled in me. I want to reach every person assigned to me. I want to be a blessing to every person connected with me. I just want to LIVE! They say the graveyard is the richest place on Earth because so many people die with unfulfilled purpose, dreams never cast, ideas never birthed. 

I don’t want that to be me. And I don’t want it to be you either.

So, is that your baby I hear? 

Go get your baby. 

And LIVE!!!!!!!!

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2 thoughts on “Who’s crying for you?

  1. This is wonderful👍👍👍👍👍👍. Lately I’ve been a unfit mother.I’m taking care of my mother who has dementia. I can’t stay focused. So proud of you and this big baby that God has entrusted unto you. Stay blessed and fabulous.


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