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God’s timing is Perfect

As I sat in McKenzie Arena this weekend listening to the commencement speech for the 2017 graduating class, I couldn’t help but reflect on what the speaker was saying. “There is no better moment than right now!” For the students he was addressing , that statement may not have meant much; but to me, it meant the world.

A lot of people think I have it all together. My grandmother raves about how organized and prepared  I am; but in all honesty, I can pinpoint a lot of areas where I feel I wasted a lot of time. For instance, during my senior year of college, I didn’t prepare at all for graduation or life after graduation. So, I had to come back home to my small town (the place where most people dreaded going back to)…..Then, after graduation, I wasted 3 years of my life “talking ” to a guy who I knew would never be the man I needed him to be, yet I was comfortable…..oh, and let’s not talk about a career . I never found that “dream job”. What I have actually discovered 12 years and  2 degrees later is that I don’t want to work for anyone. I don’t enjoy slaving for nickels and dimes, only to make someone else rich……Why did I waste soooo much time?!?!?!? It makes me want to scream!!!!! Well, it did- until Saturday.

Maybe, just maybe, I didn’t waste any time. If there is no better moment than “right now”, and if God’s timing is really perfect as the Scripture says, then all of these actions were written way before they ever played out. So, even though things may look distorted , there’s no greater moment than the moment I’m living . Hmmm…… ( let me recap).

So, I didn’t plan well for life after graduation, but I learned how to take care of myself in the “real world” and how to manage to pay bills with whatever income I had. Basically, I learned how to survive! So the dude I wasted those 3 years on, yeah- we went nowhere. However, I learned what I wanted and didn’t want in a relationship. And the moment I decided that he wasn’t what I wanted, God placed me and my husband at the same party one night and the rest is history! And career wise, well I’m grateful for a paycheck bi-weekly. I love that I work from the convenience of my home , that I am accessible to my child, that I can still operate in ministry, run a non-profit, and still work on the other “babies” God is birthing in the spiritual realm which will open many more doors. 

Yes, I’m not as young as I once was, but I was chosen for a time such as this. 

I love to encourage people. I love to push men and women into their destiny. One of the questions I always get is “Why me?” Maybe you’re asking yourself that right now as you struggle with the timing of a new idea or new assignment. Well, why not you? God has given you everything you need to succeed. It doesn’t matter if the timing seems inconvenient or if you feel like you’re incapable. God’s timing is perfect, and His strength is made perfect in your weakness. He just wants your “Yes”. You’re equipped! You’re capable! You’re the one he’s assigned for the task! Are you going to complete it? Or will you be the one who always has an excuse? Or the one always making time for everything and everyone else but yourself?

If no one has ever told you…..It’s not too late. You’re not too old. God is a Redeemer of time. He’s a Man of His word. If He said it, it’s going to happen! Stop looking at the clock. There’s still time left on the clock. You’re still in the game. 

Make this moment count!

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