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Raising Kingdom Kids

“Mommy, are you going to tear my butt [up]”, were the words that came from my backseat …..words from my 2-year old daughter. I had just picked her up from the babysitter’s house and for the second day in a row was informed that she was hitting…..and the fact that she found it funny was infuriating me.

I wanted to scream “Yes! I’m tearing your butt up!” . The little cute smirk she had on her face let me know that she knew her actions were going to get this response and she was eating it up! I wanted to give her what she wanted- A Response.

But then…. I remembered that I’m learning how to be better at raising my child. I’m learning how to raise her up as a Kingdom Kid. It means so much more to me that she not just carry our name. I want her to carry Christ’s name. ROYALTY….I want her to know at an early age WHO she is and WHOSE she is. And because I want this, I realize I must be different in my approach.

I recently began reading a parenting book by one of my favorite Christian authors and pastor, Tony Evans.  Evans says in his book, Raising Kingdom Kids,  ” In order for you to properly raise your child as the heir or heiress that he or she is, it will take time, attention, investment and training .”

So, while I wanted to “tear her butt up” as she stated, how would I be different from any other mom? I believe in teachable moments. I believe in discipline as well. However, it is not fair for me as a mother to  punish my child for a lesson that I haven’t taught her. Yes of course, she knows hitting is wrong. But why? Oh I know we hate to hear our kids ask that infamous word whyyyyy…. but mommies, we owe them an answer; and “Because I said so” is not always the  answer….

Just like a child’s first teacher should be their parent, a child’s first interaction with Christ should begin at home. It’s not the church’s full responsibility to teach your child about the love of God. It starts at home! When we get our babies dedicated and/or christened, it’s not just about seeing who can have the most people in attendance or how pretty and handsome the child looked in their white. Everyone standing before the pastor has an obligation to teach and steer that child in the right direction, in the ways of the Lord. 

I post a lot of things about my daughter on social media because I believe she is a superstar in her own right. However, I will be the first to admit that my baby is stubborn and sassy and she gets a lot of correcting . Sometimes, she does get whippings. But it is always the last alternative. I always look her dead in the eyes and explain to her how her actions are not pleasing to God and what he expects. Sometimes, she cares. Sometimes, she doesn’t. She’s 2! I get it! Doing right is the last thing on her mind. However, her little mind is very good at understanding and retaining the words Mommy imparts in her heart. And even though she may not want to hear it on this day, she will remember it the next

People can say a lot about me, I wouldn’t care either way. But one thing no one can ever say is that I didn’t train my daughter in the way that she is to go. I’m doing so much more than raising a child, I’m raising the future..I’m raising someone’s wife, someone’s mom. And one day, they will thank me!

If you have some advice for moms raising young children or if you want to leave a comment, please do. Be sure to like and share.


15 thoughts on “Raising Kingdom Kids

  1. I love this. Especially having my own three year old daughter and learning patience as well. My daughter asked me today if I was going “to whoop her?” And I answered, “no for what?” I definitely don’t want her thinking she will just get whooping for any and everything. Thank you for this. It was a pleasant read.

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    1. This really blessed me Kiara! Thank you. I know you can definitely relate. May we continue in our quest to raise future wives and husbands , mommies and daddies, etc.


  2. I love the idea of “Kingdom Kids.” I haven’t heard thst term before but I agree wholeheartedly. They are God’s children. Wanton go mommy on teaching her young. Good luck to you on this journey.

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    1. If you’re not familiar with Tony Evans, he teaches on Kingdom everything! Kingdom marriages, Kingdom Kids, kingdom women, kingdom men….and it’s pretty good!


    1. Thank you so much for reading! I like to use my experiences as a mom to teach life lessons that anyone can understand. Thank you for taking time out to read!


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