Let Him in

Well Hello Again….Happy New Year 2018! I have certainly been gone long enough. For those of you who do not follow me on social media, I released my first book, a personal memoir entitled Healing Flows (coincidence?) on September 11,2017. Since then, life has happened! I’ve had quite an exciting ride over these past few months. To make a long story short, my family and I are currently on another faith journey and journey it has been….

So many times I have questioned God , “did I hear you right Lord?”, “Why am I going through this again, God?” “Lord, what about your promise?” Promise…..there’s that word again. Promises from God are always fun to get, but never easy to be fulfilled. The Lord gives his hardest battles to the strongest soldiers. And I’m honored that He thinks so highly of me, but y’all, your girl is tired! I’m comforted in knowing that this IS part of the process and I am right where He wants me….and above it all, even in the midst of the raging storm, there is a PEACE like none other!

What did any of this have to do with where I’m going ? Absolutely NOTHING lol….I just wanted to share with my readers because I want you to be assured that when I invite you in, that I’m giving you all of me, the real me. Social media and technology tend to paint a picture perfect image of life and only shows you the end result……but Chile, it’s a process and nothing comes easy BUT it will be worth it.

So that’s what I’ve been holding onto, and maybe you’re going through something too friend. Hold on! Don’t give up! The reward will be worth it in the end.

Getting back on track… I’m currently up trying to clear my mind like any mom in TN right now ….this week has been long and draining with my tot at home with me during the day while I work. As I was laying on the couch tonight with her, I decided to make use of the time to teach her. After all , we are our kids’ first teacher, although this lesson was way over her head. I still believe that in her own childlike way, she understood our chat about Jesus.

It went something like this:

Me: “Zyah, Mommy is disappointed in the way you have acted today. You’ve been good all week but today you were ugly. And I don’t believe Jesus was too happy either. He’s looking at us shaking his head that you would do some of the things you did….I begin to list all of the occurrences today brought (I’ll save you the time. Trust me, the list is way too long)

Zyah: “Jesus is shaking his head at me Mommy? He’s upset at me? Where is Jesus?”

Me: “He’s here. He can look down on you. Actually, he’s here with us. He’s in our heart. Whatever we do and wherever we go, we should be carrying Jesus with us.”I then begin to describe times she will remember to bring me case home

Zyah: “Jesus is here, Mommy?” He’s in my heart (pointing to her heart)? I don’t see him. Where is he? He’s here? Well, Let Him in.”

It was those last 3 words that made me want to run through the living room.


Wow! How many times have we been extended invitations and opportunities but merely didn’t let Him in. And here my baby is telling us so casually as if it is just with a snap of a finger that we can let him in….that’s how she perceived it, and you know what? She’s absolutely right.

I won’t use scripture to teach this thing tonight because I don’t think I have to. It really is that simple. Open up your heart….and Let Him in! Even in her ugliness, and she was very ugly today, she still wanted to know where He was. It doesn’t matter where you are or in what state you are in…just ONE TOUCH from Jesus can make you whole!

As for me, I had been over thinking our journey as always and was wondering what was next and how am I going to get there and what do I need to do…..my mind was in overdrive ……but when I let Him in, I surrender that which I want for what He wants and know is best for me. All because I Let.Him.In.

So, I ask you… What area are you needing to let Christ in? What issues have you contemplated way too long? Why did you close the door on God? You can’t hear him anymore?

Jesus never left. The promise that was made to you then is still valid now, nothing can stop what God ordained.He promises in the Word to never leave nor forsake us so if there’s any distance in ones relationship with Him, just know that He stays the same.

Let Jesus In today! He’s at the door. Will you answer???

If you are reading this and you desire more of a relationship with Christ, follow me on my social media outlets @AmbiShantay. To order your copy of my book Healing Flows, visit my website http://www.ambishantay.com.


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