Inspired by Tia

Today, the world bid farewell to a beautiful soul, Tia Barbour- Hale. Driving to Nashville, I didn’t know what to expect as I had never celebrated one’s life in parade style…. yet, the moment my husband and I arrived on the grounds of Lake Providence, the beautiful sounds of African drums met us at the bottom of the hill. “THIS”, I said, “is how you celebrate someone’s life”… By the time we approached the first exhibition at the top of the hill, I was anticipating learning more about this sweet girl whom I just officially truly met a few months ago. We had been at events together over the years, but it was in February when she left an impression on my heart. I had even sent her a message letting her know how grateful I was that our paths had crossed and was looking forward to talking again as she wanted to discuss possible ways to share her healing journey. I had been anticipating that day….

The first exhibition we pulled up to reflected Tia as a Mom…. this is a hat I knew she wore very well! It was at her event for moms in which we first talked. I was a vendor there . She purchased my Mom journal, Milestones for Mom. I followed her daughter’s IG page and often commented as I related so well with their shenanigans. She rocked Motherhood. It was at this exhibition that I saw my dear Line Sister, her lifelong friend. She pointed to my book that was on display. Tia had began writing in her journal and sharing the milestones she and her daughter celebrated – and she was enjoying doing this during her downtime. I was humbled . A little girl will forever have these memories she and her mom shared because I said “yes” to this call. Those late nights and sacrifices were all worth it for a time such as this. If I don’t sell another book, I know purpose was fulfilled with that one. Let me ask you, “What assignment have you willingly not fulfilled? Who amongst you is waiting for your vision to come to life?”

We continued on through the exhibition and saw representation of Tia as a Wife, and what a beautiful display it was…. then on as a Soror! (insert a loud OO-OOP here) …. and a few others, one being her alma mater. As we drove out of the parking lot and bid our farewells to the family, I left Tia’s memorial encouraged- encouraged to keep writing (hence this blog), encouraged to be a better mom, better wife, better friend . And why? Because when I leave this Earth, I want the fruits that I have sown to speak for me. I want to leave a legacy , like Tia, where no words are needed. Just display my works and let the life that I have lived speak for me!

As much as I dreaded this day, I needed it! I needed to see this exhibition . I needed to celebrate the beautiful life of Tia Barbour- Hale. I needed to see the sunshine in the midst of grief and sadness. I needed to see people laughing, smiling, and showing love in bereavement. I needed to see what leaving a LEGACY truly looks like. And Tia, although I am so sad that we didn’t get our chance to work on your project, I have this funny feeling that it’s already done. You did it! You gained the ultimate victory! You won the race! You are healed! Thank you for sharing your journey with us!


4 thoughts on “Inspired by Tia

  1. Absolutely beautiful! I’m crying yet feel encouraged. I do not know this woman but sensed I missed out on a beautiful soul. This tribute to her is beautiful. It’s what happens when you’ve served your purpose in life by impacting others. God bless her family friends, and you. I look forward to hearing more stories about Tia. I have a feeling I’ll be seeing her daughter in the near future. She seems to be talented.

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