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Let Her Live

Today, we laid my great-grandmother, Nevada Watkins, to rest. We said goodbye to her body for the last time. I had the honor and privilege to do a tribute to her at the funeral today. She meant too much to not have one.It was hard, but I’m built for this. I decided to use this blog to share my tribute for anyone who may not have been there…….

To know my great-grandmother was to love her. Grandmama had not an evil bone in her body. She loved God. She loved her family. She loved people. She loved life and because of this love for life and for her family, she fought to the very end.

Today is a very sad occasion as we say goodbye to our mother , sister, grandmother, auntie, friend in the physical form as we lay her to rest ; but her spirit will live on forever- in us. Grandmama taught us how to love wholeheartedly, without judgement, without expecting anything in return. She taught us how to do unto others as we would want them to do unto us.

 It’s because of her that we all grew up in this very church. She planted that seed. She introduced her family to Christ, she taught us how to serve, how to worship , and how to be disciples from her own actions and her own involvement in the Church, in the community , the Missionary Society, and many more auxiliaries . I don’t remember much as a child growing up in church but I can tell you every song Grandmama used to sing in that little corner up in the choir stand. I remember her going on youth conference trips, even chaperoning . And she did these things because she loved God and she loved people. 

Everyone here today, she had a special relationship with. You can remember a laugh you two shared, a piece of advice she gave, or maybe just a wave, a kiss, or a smile . As I got older, I cherished those things more and more, just to sit down with her and have her wisdom imparted in me. It’s those little talks that I will remember- especially the one where she told me don’t start anything in my marriage that I’m not willing to keep up . And I didn’t 😉.

Grandmama, our Queen, our Matriarch, will be missed so much by all of us ; but she has instilled in us everything we need to continue this journey. As I was reflecting on yesterday, I found myself just smiling at the love that was expressed yesterday. It was beautiful……

Let us Love like Grandmama loved, like Christ instructed us to love. It’s easy to love our friends and family but that doesn’t separate us from the rest of the world. Unbelievers do the same thing (Matt 5:46-47). What is truly remarkable and displays the love of God in our hearts is when we love our enemies and more than that, we pray for them who persecute us. That’s what Christ did. That’s what Grandmama did. And that’s what she left with us. 

I looked up the word “mourn” in the dictionary and it said to feel regret or sadness over the loss of someone or something. And I heard the Lord say to me, “but you haven’t lost her. Her body may be gone, but her spirit – her spirit- lives inside each one of you.” Family, Let’s keep Grandmamas legacy alive, 5 generations strong, it doesn’t end today, we just had to pass the torch . 

Grandmama, we loved you so much but God loved you more. You’ve been faithful over a few, reap your reward. We’ll see you on the other side.

#ForeverinourHearts #92 #OurAngel


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